title. 山海驚奇 2017 @ Displate  "Amazing of Shan Hai Jing" 2017 @ Displate

date. 2017


"Shan Hai Jing" is an age-old Chinese classic myth, since the 4th century BC.

Full of surprise and amazing view, deeply affected me.

I chose favourite characters,using age-old text transform into illustrations.

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↑↳ 精衛_Jing wei dance in the air

↑↳ 二八神人_The immortals 28

↑↳ 大食王國_Realm of Da-Shi

↑↳ 顒_Yong

↑↳ 玃如_Jue-ru

↑↳ 肥遺_Fei-yi

↑↳ 虹虹_Hong-hong

↑↳ 狍囂_Pao-xiao